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Yoga That Comes to You

Kat, the founder of Private Yoga Erie

Whether it is a class in your home or at your event, yoga can be done anywhere, anytime. At Private Yoga Erie, we use yoga to help our students reach physical, mental, and emotional goals. Taking classes with Private Yoga Erie will help you disconnect from the stressors in your life while providing a high-quality workout.


Yoga is for everyone. The most common reason we hear people say that they are not doing yoga is that they aren't "flexible enough" or "strong enough." Yoga does not have any requirements other than that you have a body and you are willing to try.

Class Offerings

Private Yoga Erie offers private and group paddleboard yoga classes on Lake Erie

SUP Yoga

Yoga for Beginners

Mommy & Baby Yoga

Group Events

Acro/Partner Yoga

Interested in trying a class? Contact us today!