Private Yoga in Erie, Pa

Private Yoga Erie doing yoga with a view of Downtown Erie
Yoga being done by the water

Private Yoga Erie offers the yoga class that many people are searching for, but just don't realize it.

Our teachers make classes convenient by either coming to your home or your choice of a public location, whichever is easier for you. Each session is completely tailored towards your specific physical and mental goals, making every class extremely beneficial.


By choosing to take a private yoga class, you are choosing a workout that is 100% for you.

What Are Common Yoga Goals?

People come to us with many different goals. Some of the most common focal points include:

  • Flexibility

  • Weight loss

  • Stress reduction

  • Strength building

  • Workout/training supplement

  • Strengthen relationships (Acro Yoga and Mommy & Baby Yoga)

Where Can Our Sessions Take Place?

The great thing about yoga is that it can be done almost anywhere! All of our yoga sessions take place in Erie County or Chautauqua County. A few of the best places to hold our sessions are:

  • Your home

  • Presque Isle Beaches (Lake Erie)

  • Frontier Park

  • Online (Skype or Zoom)

Are you interested in a private yoga class? Send us a message!