Half-Day Paddleboard Yoga Retreat

July 11th or August 15th


Join Private Yoga Erie for a half-day paddleboard yoga retreat on Presque Isle! This event will include yoga on the beach, an introduction to paddleboarding, lunch, and paddleboard yoga. If you have your own paddleboard, you can purchase a discounted ticket.

Weekend Paddleboard Yoga Relaxation Retreat

July 23rd - July 25th


Join Private Yoga Erie for a weekend full of relaxation, yoga, massage, and the beach! During this time you will able to enjoy the beautiful summer in Erie, PA while learning new skills and taking a weekend for yourself.

When you are not participating in the scheduled classes, there is free time to enjoy the hotel pool or hot tub, Waldameer Amusement Park, many local restaurants and bars, the Millcreek Mall, etc. We are happy to provide you with suggestions on activities!

This retreat is ideal for girl's weekends, couples getaways, or just something fun to do!

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